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Am I the only one out here? Do the tea-party peeps really have clout? And if they do, can you tell me Why???
I just don’t understand what the deal is I guess. I hear of a chick saying things like “masturbating is cheating” and a man sending Porn and racist jokes to his friends, these people are now leading the race in American politics. We as a country voted for change this past presidential elections. Boy are we getting what we asked for. Change!!
OK, I didn’t actually vote for Obama, but I did not vote republican either. I wrote in a vote. (Sorry Hilary)!
Are we as a people really falling for this entire “down with America” rhetoric that is being bandied about? We are supposed to vote for those that believe god is speaking directly to them? We are supposed to vote for silly little girls that can’t even pay her bills without using campaign funds? We are supposed to vote for liars that tout fear, such as; that lady who in order to instill fear in Arizona is telling all that “the evil dirty Mexicans are beheading people”. Yes, I know I embellished the quotes. But this is in essence of what she is trying to say. Are we supposed to listen to the “reluctant prophet” who is now urging us all to let all the “fat people die”? Did that really come from the mouth of god?
I am appalled at the inability of the democrats to stand up and yell loudly that the change we asked for is happening. Why can they not do this? Are they afraid and if they are what are they afraid of?

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I have found that no matter what I read or how motivated I am at the beginning of something new I lose my motivation somewhat quickly. All the self-help books in the world won’t help me if I lose my motivation a week after reading them. So how can I keep the momentum going? How can I turn the desire to succeed with my writing, my finances and my health and happiness into a true game plan to continue in the face of lack of motivation?
It’s not so much that I am lazy but more to do with a fear of failure. I put things off because I am not willing to tackle the hard things. I procrastinate because if finish what I started I might fail. I would rather live with having my dream unfulfilled then with losing my dream altogether because of failure.
So this brings me back to motivation. I have been addicted to reality shows for a little while now. The reason I like them is that these people on the shows are pursuing a dream. Whether they want to win Top Chef, Project Runway or are just using the Housewives of “Whatever City” to promote their businesses they are actively pursuing their dreams. I find that while I am watching Rachel Zoe or Bethenny Frankel I am motivated by these dynamic characters. Who would have guessed that these whacked out people could motivate me? They are flawed and some tend to not truly understand that they have issues with connecting with others (Jeff Lewis). But they are following their passions. I too want to do that and not let my fears interfere any longer. These reality shows allow me to get excited over and over again at what I might be able to accomplish in my own life.

I also read a lot. I read self-help, motivational blogs, true stories of success, and fiction novels that inspire me. I read to improve my motivational level. Law of Attraction, Writing Down the Bones or Backpackers: Guide to the Appalachian Trail all are books that get me excited and motivate me to continue down my path of success. I will fill that spiritual gap, I will make writing my craft and someday I will hike the Appalachian Trail. When I am feeling like I need a boost to push me further on my way I read Forums that apply to what is going on in my life, Mount Washington hiking forum, MS and Fibro forums, writing forums all have people talking about things that affect my life or that I want to be apart of my life. These real people inspire me to continue on.

I try to surround myself with friends and people who are positive and believe that we can accomplish anything. Like minded people can keep you moving forward. It’s like having your very own cheering squad every time you get together with your friends, your book club or your photography class. Stop hanging around the people who bring you down. You know those people. The ones whom gossip is prevalent and negativity abounds. They feel better by listing the  ways others are making mistakes instead of discussing ways to make good things happen in their own lives.

Grab your motivation anywhere you can find it. What makes you feel excited?


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Yup, we took out the air conditioners this week. So happy, I can now fill up the bird/squirrel feeders and watch them flitting about outside my bedroom window. I was awoke this morning by the tit-mouses and chickadees as they greeted the day. The wind blows through my window and freshens the entire house. Yay!!! I love fall. I just can’t believe that it took the second week in September to get cool enough to open up the windows again. It’s not supposed to be 90 odd degrees in Maine, ever… Can you say global warming?
Oh well, the heat has gone, and I am excited. My favorite time of year is coming up quick. Go Fall!!

Muslims Demonized

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I am having a very hard time understanding what is going on in America lately. Why are churches being targeted as evil? Because you do know that a Mosque is a church! Right? How on earth does an American group of Muslims threaten the sanctity of our 9/11 World Trade Center site?
In my opinion, the reason this has become an issue is because certain groups in American politics are once again fear mongering to gain support. The Muslims attacked the U.S. therefore all Muslims are evil. We can bring Obama down, just by intimating that he is a Muslim. Because all Muslims are evil? I thought the attacks on America came from an extreme group of religious fanatics.
This mind set that the Mosque is a slap in the face of all the victims of 9/11 is the same as equating Timothy McVeigh with Christians therefore all Christians are evil. No Christian churches should be built near the bombing site of the Oklahoma building.
Come on folks, smarten up. There are bad, evil Muslims in the world, the same as there are bad, evil Christians. To demonize one groups religion is wrong. America was built on many different religions and the right we have as citizens to worship as we please without fear.
Just my uneducated opinion. What do you think?

Back again!?!

Well, I have survived the summer. The girls are back in college and my boys and I are settling in to a quiet and productive school year. I hope… Time will tell. I am feeling ok. I have been able to pay the bills, mostly, by writing content for websites. I really wish I was brave enough to send out to the magazines. Maybe soon. I am getting braver. Anyway, I hope I will now be able to get back to writing on this blog some more. I haven’t given up hope. I will persevere…I hope I spelled that correctly. Since I have my mind back, I am trying to pursue a few interests of mine. Of course the writing. This blog, a novel idea, a story idea and the never ending web content. I am also hoping to expand my circle of friends to include others that are interested in the same things I am. I also want to start attending meetings for dealing with my fibro, and writing workshops, maybe a book club. Wish me luck.

Living with two adults and four busy, grimy kids has made laundry duty a dirty business. My laundry woes started with the birth of my twin daughters twenty years ago and have continued onward throughout the years of soccer, softball, gymnastics, ballet and field hockey smelliness. My two teenage sons have contributed their own grass, mud and blood stains with their forays into football, baseball and lacrosse. My own laundry issues ranged from keeping the husband from shrinking, pinking and destroying my everyday clothes (he is now banned from touching my laundry), to trying not to ruin the uniforms I was forced to wear to work.  I have sheets and blankets and curtains to wash every week. I have mounds and mounds of towels. How do I keep this mountainous chore from defeating me? I studied, researched and learned how to defeat the laundry monster using these tried and true laundry tips.

Organization is Key

I have seven laundry hampers in my house, one for each person and one for towels. The laundry monster stays in check if you separate each person’s laundry. By separating each persons laundry, you can designate a laundry day for each of their dirties. Instead of doing everyone’s wash for hours on end in one day, you can break it up into manageable loads. You can then separate the clothes you are washing on the day you wash them. Remember avoid pinking everything by separating the dark clothes, light clothes and whites.

Stop the sock thief

You can minimize lost socks by hanging a mesh lingerie bag next to everyone’s laundry hamper. Demand the stinky feet people place pairs and only pairs of stiff socks into the bags. Throw the bag of socks into the wash with like colors. They can dry in the bag as well; just make sure it’s not stuffed full. (Punish those who refuse to unroll their bunched up socks, severely.)

No more gum

To avoid the evils of gum destroying the inside of dryers, ink pens from drawing indiscriminately upon unsuspecting shirts  and paper pilling in teeny tiny pieces, keep a small bowl next to washer. As you place the items in the washer check the pockets. Throw change, hair clips, chap sticks and love notes in the bowl to be returned to the owner at the end of the washing cycle.

Save the Fabric

Turning fabric inside out actually protects the fabric and any designs that may be on the clothing. Wash your clothes on the lowest temperature setting possible. Most clothes can be washed in cold or warm water. Hot water should only be used for whites. Avoid powder clumping on clothing by adding detergent before the clothes and wait for the water to fill the washer. Pre-treat stains with mild spot remover and soak. Laundry should be hung out to dry; avoiding the heat of the dryer saves fading on clothes and cuts down on electricity consumption. Try to hang clothes inside out in a shady, breezy area to avoid sun fading of your unmentionables.

Clean you’re Machines

When lint and soil is left behind in the washing machine and dryer, cleaning helps keep your laundry fresh and sparkling. Use the clean washer cycle or manually wipe out. Wipe the outside of machines with mild soap and a soft cloth. Clean lint traps in the dryer regularly to prevent fire.


Weekend burn

This week my face is tanned. This is certainly a serious news flash, considering that for the past year the only sun touching my face came through the car window as I was driving to the doctor. The flair up of my fibromyalgia this past year has affected my entire life including the fact that as much as I enjoy being outside hiking I was unable to pursue my beloved hobby. So the result of such inactivity was pasty white skin.
So what happened this spring? I, despite still having bad days, have been going outdoors to enjoy the days. This weekend was spent with the help of my daughter Heather, cleaning up the yard and organizing the flower bed. Living in Maine, it is not unusual to see rain, cold weather and even snow all the way into May. The past week has been sunny with temperatures into the high sixties. Yes, I know all you folks living in warmer parts of the country are saying, that is still damn cold. However, for here it is nice and warm, especially when the wind is still.
So, I raked the dead grass up, bagged the piles of grass and threw them to the front of the yard where the bags of winter debris will stay until the city truck passes by. I removed the pine needles that have been protecting the annual plants from the frozen tundra that accumulates in my yard all winter.
I started to spray paint the wicker garden furniture. The paint will protect my weathered yard furniture. I hope. Unfortunately, the hunter green spray paint I was using ran out half way through painting the first chair. That’s what I get for trying to do the job with half a can of leftover paint. Now I have one chair that is painted green on the seat and the arms. Oh well, at least that project is started. I have to finish it after I get more paint.
My daughter put her strong arms to work scrubbing down the siding. We had a fun time trying to not get wet as the hose spray hit the house and bounced back towards us. I was surprised that the pine pitch was not as hard to get off as I thought it would be.
The end result, a nice yard to enjoy this spring and summer. I was so proud of me. Big cheesy smiley should be added here. I did it. I only took, around a bakers dozen amount of breaks. Thank you, to my daughter for working through all those rest periods. I never would have finished in one day without her. Now I just need to scour through the cabinets to find last years aloe gel, my nose is kind of burnt.